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Manitoba High School Graduation Requirements

Manitoba Education requires that students complete 30 credits to achieve a High School diploma, from the time they begin S1 (Grade 9) to S4 (Grade 12). They are required to have 17 compulsory credits and 13 optional credits.

All Senior high school courses are assigned a certain value (credit).

A student who completes a course requiring approximately 110 hours (1 semester) earns 1 credit, while a course requiring approximately 55 hours (half semester) is worth 0.5 credit.

Credits fall into two categories:

Compulsory Course – a course in the subject areas listed for Grade 9 to Grade 12 that each student must earn a credit towards their Graduation Requirements (e.g. English Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, Physical Education, Science etc..)

Optional Course (also known as Elective course) – is a course that students may choose based on their interests, abilities, values and career goals (e.g. Arts, Languages, Music, Industrial Arts, Information and Communication Technology etc..). Courses are either full credit or a half credit value. Students and parents are encouraged to discuss credit requirements with their school counsellors and teachers.

Students should ensure that they meet the entrance requirements of the post-secondary education (college or university), training or work situation they intend to pursue.

Academic graduation requirements as follows, see chart below.

* Grade 9 compulsory courses must be satisfied before entering Southeast Collegiate.

Grade 9* Grade 10 Grade 11 Grade 12
English (1) English (1) English(1) English(1)
Math (1) Math (1) Math (1) Math (1)
Science (1) Science (1) History (1) Physical Ed (1)
Social Study (1) Geography (1) Physical Ed (1) Optional (3)
2 optional credits must be at 40S/40G Level
Physical Ed (1) Physical Ed (1) Optional (4)
1 Optional credit must be at 30S/30G Level
Optional (3) Optional (3)


Please see your home school coordinator for your sponsorship application or visit Southeast Student Services.

Deadline for sponsorship as follows

Community Deadline
Berens River Apr 30th
Garden Hill May 1st
God’s Lake May 15th
God’s River June 30th
Jackhead (Kino) May 15th
Poplar River April 30th
South Indian Lake May 15th
St. Theresa Point May 1st
Wasagamack May 31th

Bursary/Grants are also available. See Student Services for application/requirements.

Waverly Dental – $200.00 – 2 available

Assiniboine Credit Union- ?