Our Mission

The mission of Southeast Collegiate is to provide sound academic standards and a holistic balance of quality education that includes traditional, cultural and academic teachings.


Southeast College was established as a private high school (Grades 10 to 12) in 1995-96 by The Southeast Tribal Council, incorporated as Southeast Resource Development Council Corporation (SERDC). The SERDC includes the communities of Bloodvein First Nation, Little Grand Rapids, Brokenhead, Pauingassi First Nation, Buffalo Point First Nation, Black River First Nation, Hollow Water, Berens River and Poplar River.

Many of these SERDC communities lacked high schools and from this need arose the vision for a centrally located education facility. Situated within the city of Winnipeg and nestled on approximately 40 acres, the purchase of the former Nazarene College seemed like the ideal opportunity and location.

SEC is unlike any other school in Canada. It is a unique facility that not only educates its students, but also houses the student body on site while nourishing the culture of First Nations in many of its day to day operations.

Prior to the establishment of SEC, there were very few “culturally appropriate” schools in the Province that suited the needs of the SERDC communities. A majority, if not all, of our students are from Cree, Oji-Cree and Ojibwe speaking communities.

SEC partners with First Nations, federal and provincial levels of government, as well as many organizations and agencies working together to achieve the ultimate goal of preparing students so that they may continue to further their education goals.

As the demand for education continued to grow among First Nations students, a larger campus was needed.

In 2016, SEC partnered with the Government of Canada who invested $10 million toward a $24 million state-of-the-art facility. The doors to the new SEC campus officially opened in September 2018.