School & Lodge

What makes SEC unique is that it not only educates students, but also houses its student body on site all while nourishing First Nations culture and traditions.


On September 6, 2018, SEC officially opened the doors to its new $24 million school. This new, state-of-the-art campus was urgently needed to accommodate the growing demand for education among First Nations students.

The new school can accept up to 156 First Nations youth from communities throughout Manitoba looking for the best opportunity to graduate high school.


Students who are accepted into SEC move to Winnipeg from their home communities to live in a lodge that is connected to the school.

Because SEC is responsible for minors, there is a rigorous focus on student safety. The staff at the school must be able to control security in the building efficiently and effectively while maintaining a warm and welcoming environment. This is partially accomplished with the strong sense of community built within the school.

SEC provides the students with plenty of easily supervised spaces to engage freely in activities like basketball, a game of pool, lounge areas and work out room. Students also have access to the cafeteria in the grand hall, which operates 7 days a week and serves up to three meals a day plus snacks.

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