Student Life

Educational Programming

SEC adheres to the Manitoba curriculum and, over the years, has expanded to offer many unique and award-winning programs like:

  • Native Wellness
  • AutoCAD Technical Drafting
  • Human Ecology
  • Virtual High School Courses
  • Power Mechanics
  • Foods and Nutrition
  • Multi-Media
  • Vision Quests/Ventures
  • Life Works Transition
  • Recreation Programming
  • Life Skills (counsellors on site)

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SEC is proud of our sports teams and offers many athletic opportunities to students that include:

  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Badminton
  • Soccer
  • Cross-Country
  • Track & Field
  • Dragon Boat
  • Fitness & Dance Classes (occasional)

Life Skills

SEC offers a balance of quality education that includes traditional, cultural and academic teachings. Included in this are a number of Life Skills programs like:

  • Students Working Against Tobacco (SWAT)
  • Personal Care Home Visits (Volunteering for bingo, bbq’s etc)
  • Traditional Sweat Lodge Visits (out of St. Norbert Art’s Centre)
  • Women’s Full Moon Ceremony (University of Manitoba)
  • Land Based Education
  • Drum Group (traditional drum teachings & making hand-made drum sticks)
  • Pow Wows
  • Organized walks to support those in need and to bring awareness to injustices in the world
  • Salvation Army – students help raise money to feed the hungry through the Christmas kettles & also participate in the soup truck.
  • Leadership Conferences
  • Organized community clean-ups
  • RCMP Training Program
  • Bold Eagle (Canadian Armed Forces Aboriginal Training Program)


Since SEC becomes a home to students during the school year, it is important to make their time outside of class hours as comfortable as possible.

We have four vehicles in our fleet that help take students to appointments, recreation activities, post-secondary tours, and field trips. All medical and dental needs are also met with the help of our drivers.

Some of the extra-curricular activities offered through SEC include:

  • Vision Quests/Ventures
  • Virtual High School Courses
  • Community Service
  • Cultural Exploration
  • Game night with Mr. Laramee
  • Film Club with Mr. Laramee
  • On-site hair-cuts at Southeast Personal Care Home located right behind us
  • Winnipeg Aboriginal Sport Achievement Centre (WASAC) – provide activities and outings for students throughout the year and employ two students during the year.

PLUS, numerous recreational activities like:

  • Holiday Specific decorating/games (Halloween, Valentine’s day, Christmas etc.)
  • Museums
  • Movie Theatres
  • Escape Rooms
  • Laser Tag
  • Haunted Houses
  • A Maze in Corn
  • Paint Nights
  • Mall Days
  • Mini Golf
  • Virtual Reality Games
  •  Swimming
  • Open gymnasium
  • Flying Squirrel


Every month, students who have an 80% average over their coursework are eligible to be entered into a draw for a gift card to St. Vital Shopping Centre worth $50.00. Students who have perfect attendance over the month are also eligible for this draw.

Students on the February 2020 Honour roll:

Snowbird Joshua 100
Harper Justin 100
Keesic Kadence 100
Mason Tegan 100
Knott Sylver 99
Nasee Blaine 98
Genaille Myles 98
McKay Cameron 98
Knott Amber 98
McKay Graham 97
Flett Jynelle 97
Nelson Aliyah 97
Flett Divonna 97
Mason Logan 97
Mason Wesley 97
Wood Chasity 96
Wood Jaylin 96
Bruce Autumn 96
Wood Cheyanna 96
Everette Melvin 96
Rae Dawson 96
Bouchie Rashanti 95
Kakekagumick Jaydis 95
Linklater Kaylene 95
Watt Keirsten 95
Hudson Evan 94
Knott Saralee 94
Harper Solomon 94
Flett Melissa 94
Wood Darienne 94
Harper Thea 94
Burton-Friesen Kelsie 94
Owens Alyssa 94
Monias Emily 93
Wood Aleesha 93
Beardy Rinelle 93
Hindmarch Phoenix 93
James Madison 93
McDougall Marvel 93
Nasee Meadow 93
McDougall Starr 93
Canada Chelsea 93
Semple Sylvia 93
Owen Kirsten 93
Harper Gavin 93
Flett Mario 92
Harper Daphne 92
Flett Kaydon 92
Fontaine Gwen 92
Little Ethan 92
Flett Charity 92
Mason Andy 92
Duck Caleb 92
Andrews Karissa 92
Little Jersey 92
Wood Tiffany 91
Anderson Owen 91
Harper Kingsley 91
Franklin Trent 91
Nasee Tristan 91
Wood Mary 91
Hindmarch Kaylyn 90
Green Lauren 90
Harper Tyrese 90
Wood Michael 90
McDougall Sarah 89
Mitchell Carter 89
Wells Nevaeh 88
McPherson Tyisha 88
Wood Matthew 88
Owens Kassie 88
Stevens Lacey 87
Taylor Laverne 87
Leask-George Silja 87
Mason Emily 87
Keeper Quincy 86
Leask Precious 86
Dunsford Tommy 86
Wood Hannah 85
Berens Fidelity 85
Head-Bouchie Merell 85
Wood Joshua 85
Baptiste Brody 85
Young Jaqueline 85
Little-Harper Kaidey 84
Guiboche Tina 84
Richard Joan 84
Owens-Crow Emilio 84
Ross Ryan 84
Watt Bryce 84
Sinclair Joshua 84
Keno Kyle 83
Harper Jamal 83
McKay Conan 83
Monias Justina 83
Munroe Jonovan 82
Harper Ladimir 82
McKay Davonna 81
Yellowback Tristan 81
Monias Jerett 81
Flett Kyla 80

Perfect Attendance For February 2020:

Chelsea Canada
Jynelle Flett
Karel Harper
Kingsley Harper
Waylon Harper
Madison James
Jimmy Kanabee
Sylver Knott
Kaylene Linklater
Holly Mason
Davonna McKay
Joshua Snowbird
Kristopher Trout
Cheyanna Wood
Hannah Wood


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